MAI and Microsoft Open a New Master’s Program

10 July 2019

MAI and Microsoft Open a New Master’s Program

The IT Center of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), together with Microsoft Corporation, will launch a Master's degree program on Virtual/Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Students of the new master's program will have access to a wide range of digital courses and advanced teaching practices necessary for a successful career.

The program consists of two tracks: fundamental and applied. The first part of the program provides a comprehensive introduction to artificial intelligence, computer graphics and cyber-physical systems, the second part of the program considers the synergy of these three areas on the example of urgent tasks from the field of science and IT. Thus, a graduate gains knowledge and competence in several relevant areas at once, and can develop his career in both a scientific and a practical direction.

The program corresponds to the priority direction of development of science and technology in the Russian Federation, in particular, “Information and Telecommunication Systems”. The study of theoretical disciplines includes a workshop, based on the best examples of real technological solutions in the subject area. Training is accompanied by design and practical activities in the creation of AR / VR systems, cyber-physical systems and systems using AI technologies.

Mentoring from Microsoft specialists is provided throughout the educational track. The head of the program is Dmitry Soshnikov, an Associate Professor of the Department No. 806 "Computational Mathematics and Programming" of MAI and the coordinator of Microsoft academic programs.


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