Chinese Students Successfully Defended Their Thesis

From June 25 to 27, 2019, fifty nine Chinese students of joint Master’s degree programs of MAI and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), Beihang University, Shenyang University defended their theses in MAI.

In 2017 it was decided to start a joint Master’s degree programs between MAI and Chinese Universities. Russian and Chinese students studied together in English during 2 years. The first academic year students spent in Chinese home university, the second - in MAI. The program offered three majors: “Design of Aircraft Structures from Polymer Composite Materials”, “Technologies of Life-Cycle Management for Products in the Design of Modern Aircraft”, “Propulsion Engineering”. 

Nikolay Markin, the Associate Professor of MAI Department 106 "Dynamics and Flight Control of Manned Aircraft" taught Chinese students the “Flight Dynamics” and “Graduation Project” during the last academic year and described the educational process: “I was pleased that the Chinese students were very conscientious about their studies, tried to understand as much as possible and to thoroughly deal with the tasks that they faced and were kind to the teachers. In the classroom, each student received a personal task and performed it at a very high level. They had a very scrupulous attitude to ensure that the work was prepared qualitatively. They wanted to show all their best qualities, and were very purposeful and motivated students. It was always important for them to get into the scientific laboratories, to conduct the research necessary for their graduate work. They have become one of the best students I have ever had”.

The students defended their final thesis in front of the state examination committee, which included MAI teaching staff: professors, Doctors and Candidates of Technical Sciences. 98% of Chinese students defended their thesis perfectly and received excellent marks. 

“I have worked upon my research topic for a long time. And I prepared well for the final defense, the professors and experts were really interested towards my research. I actually got full marks in all courses, the expert jury finally gave me a high evaluation of my thesis and defense. I will never forget my 10 months in Russia and MAI. My life in Moscow was pretty colorful. The most memorable period for me was the winter. I am very passionate about Russian art and culture, especially ballet. Being a student of such a program, you can experience a total different lifestyle abroad. The stay here impressed me a lot”, - said Gao Xiang, a graduate student of MAI-SJTU Master’s degree program. 

Now Chinese students have to defend their final thesis at the universities in their homeland and get a second diploma. Thus, very soon they can be solemnly called the first graduates of the double degree program. In autumn 2019, the second intake of joint Master’s degree programs between MAI and Chinese universities will start their study in MAI.

"People’s Republic of China is the leading region in recruiting international students for MAI educational programs. The demand for double degree programs is increasing and our plans include developing this cooperation area with our Chinese partners," - said Olga Pogosian, Head of MAI International Department. 


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