Issuance of European Diploma Supplement to MAI Diploma

20 June 2019

Issuance of European Diploma Supplement to MAI Diploma

International Students’ Educational Centre of MAI will be issuing European Diploma Supplement for MAI graduates this summer.

After your graduation and receiving diplomas, you could get an European Supplement to the Diploma of MAI. It is an official document that represents the translation of your diploma into English and recalculation of blocks of disciplines. 

This official document was developed for graduates of European universities in the framework of implementing the provisions of the Bologna Declaration, which initiated the European integration process in higher education. The European Diploma Supplement of MAI is developed in accordance with the standards of the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. It contains information in English about the holder of the diploma, the level of qualification, the content of the training program and the results achieved, the functional purpose of the qualification, and information about the national (Russian) education system.

The results of the students' training are given taking into account the national and European assessment systems; the complexity of the disciplines in the academic hours is transferred to the system of European credit units - "ECTS" (European system).

European Diploma Supplement:

  • is a single official document about education, recognized by all the countries participating in the Bologna Process;

  • it provides a fair and understandable assessment of qualifications;

  • it gives the opportunity to continue studying abroad;

  • it significantly facilitates access to the international labor market.

If you need European Diploma Supplement, the following documents must be submitted to International Students’ Educational Centre:

  • copy of the MAI diploma and its annex;

  • copy of a civil and foreign passport;

  • curriculum;

  • title of graduate thesis in English;

  • completed application form and contract in 2 copies (in International Students’ Educational Centre);

  • receipt of payment.

Time limit for performance of Diploma Supplement is 40/45 days (normally, this period is not more than 2 weeks, however, it depends on the number of applications). The cost of the order of the European Supplement is 4 000 rubles. You can get it at the International Students' Educational Center, room 324, Main Administrative Building (GAK).

If you have any questions, please contact with International department (room 324, GAK) or by phone +7 499 158-40-43. 


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