International Students of MAI Took Part at the SpaceUp Unconference

5 June 2019

International Students of MAI Took Part at the SpaceUp Unconference
International students of MAI took part at the SpaceUp Russia conference, which was hosted by Skoltech and held at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
SpaceUp is a world-famous concept of interdisciplinary “anti-conference”. The event is dedicated to various space themes. The main idea of SpaceUp is that all SpaceUp participants actively present their ideas, lead and initiate panel discussions. 

This year the main theme of the event was Space Beyond Space, so all the talks were focused on commercial space and the impact of space applications on daily lives: GPS, Weather forecasting, telecom, satellites, etc. The goal of the conference was not to produce any concrete scientific work but to establish connection between like-minded people in the aerospace community from different fields.

Three MAI students from India and Egypt took part at the SpaceUp conference. There were several series of speeches and presentations each categorized into T-5 for 5-minutes , T-10 for 10-minutes and T- 15 for 15-minutes presentations. 

“I spoke about the importance of Space Logistics in the upcoming missions and reasons to emphasis more on establishing a good supply chain management for the long habitat missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. It was a unique experience. I thought I would nurture myself in some topics and would come across some new stuff. If the time and place permit definitely I would attend more”, - said Bharath Simha Reddy, second-year student of Bachelor’s degree program in Spacecraft Engineering.

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