Hispanic Concert ¡Es por Amor! - For love! was Held in MAI

20 May 2019

On May 15, 2019, at the Cultural Palace of MAI was held a spring concert ¡Es por Amor! - For love! by a performer Lorenzo de Chosica.

Lorenzo de Chosica was born in Peru, but lives and creates in Russia. In addition to musical activities, he is a teacher at the Institute of Foreign Languages of MAI and the Cervantes School No. 1252, a sports journalist, friend of the head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov, and head coach of FC Lokomotiv Yury Semin.

For the first time, Lorenzo performed at the home university, although he has extensive experience in musical performances on large venues, for example, in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.

“I performed at the pre-New Year meeting at MAI, where the Rector of the university invited me. After that, he invited me to perform a separate concert at the Cultural Palace of MAI. I decided to dedicate it to love, because, as it seems to me, for the sake of love, a person must try to do good deeds, must go to bed, and rise for the sake of love, with a desire to be useful, learn something new. And, of course, if we relate to love, to this intimate feeling, truly honestly and sincerely, then society will change for the better,”- explains Lorenzo.

The concert became a real Latin American holiday. In addition to the repertoire of Lorenzo de Chosica, which included songs of Latin American folklore, the artist’s creative works and Russian songs, the concert was attended by the flamenco studio “El Rayo Verde”, percussionist and post-graduate student of MAI Sergey Seliverstov, the children's choir “Cameratta” and “Servantinos ”, a group of flamenco “El Alba” and “Alegrias” of the Cervantes School No. 1252 and Elena Fedorovich, performing soprano.

Numerous spectators sang along to the fervent and nostalgic Latin American motifs, touching "Cranes" and "Moscow Nights" in the performance of Lorenzo, admired the passionate flamenco dancers, drummed the floor with their heels in the rhythm of Sergey Seliverstov's cajon, rejoiced the wonderful voice of Elena Fedorovich and admired the talents of the youth and remained delighted with the concert.

“The concert was wonderful, very creative and inspiring. Lorenzo is a very bright person with a huge heart and soul who loves children, his work and music,”- the viewer Maria Konnova shared her opinion.

“I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped me in organizing the concert,” - said Lorenzo. - “I gave the opportunity to performe not only to professionals, but also to young people, children, because for them it is very important, this is a school of life. I hope that the responses to the concert will be good, and I am full of strength and desire to prepare for a new concert, possibly in autumn.”

MAI is not only a university where you can get an engineering education, but also an environment where talents are revealed. ¡Siempre Adelante!


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