QS WOWNEWS Published a Story About a Student of MAI

15 May 2019

QS WOWNEWS Published a Story About a Student of MAI
Quarterly  QS Asia - A Community For Students & Educators puts out a newsletter with QSWOWNEWS from universities all over the world. In May – July 2019 issue was published a story about second-year student of MAI, who created a suit with medical sensors.

Maxim Eremin, a second-year student of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Faculty No 8 “Information Technology and Applied Mathematics”, has created a medicine related project – Medical Assistant. The project was made on the basis of the IT-center of MAI and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund in the framework of the program “An accelerator of student start-ups”. The essence of the project is in the implementation of telemedicine capabilities that will simplify people’s lives. The research was carried out by placing an individual in a suit with sensors that collect telemetry data of his body: cardiogram, pulse, amount of oxygen in the blood, temperature. Blood pressure indices has been planned to be included in this list, an invasive blood sugar sensor and, for the sports version, a muscle strain sensor. All this data is processed using various mathematical methods and filters and sent to the cloud storage. The constructed predictive model captures deviations and can recognise certain symptoms of diseases.

To create a prototype, Eremin and his team bought compute boards, sensors, made a costume (it fits tightly to the body like a surfing suit) and conducted various tests. They successfully created the entire cloud infrastructure and two applications for work with system: a mobile application for the patient and desktop-application for the doctor, without any additional assistance. Through this system, the doctor can not only receive all the telemetry and analytics, but also provide patients with recommendations.

The patient is required to keep a diary on a mobile device, where he notes his daily activities. The doctor will then make comparison with the sensors and monitors of his health without daily direct contact.

In addition, the mobile device displayed the possible inclusion of visual examination of the patient. An added function of visual recognition for certain symptoms through the human face via computer vision can be included in the said device. A patient can take pictures of him- or herself and send them to the doctor. These images will reach the doctor with displayed symptoms, if any. The medical suit is to be made for general use and will not be costly. It can be used by healthy individuals and for patients whose medical conditions require continuous monitoring. The medical suit can also be used by flight experts in health centers, where pilots are trained and tested before flying. One of the prototypes has been tailored for athletes as well. For example, when these suits are put on by football players, during a match the coach will be able to monitor their health conditions and make informed decisions on whom to replace on field. Plans have been made to carry out tests on the medical suit in the preventive clinic of Moscow Aviation Institute.

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