MAI Students Visited Patriot Park On the Eve of the Victory Day

8 May 2019

On the eve of the Victory Day, a group of MAI students visited a recreation and theme Patriot Park located in Moscow Region.

The park, which officially opened in 2016, presented an interactive exhibits with military equipment which was used in the Great Patriotic War. The park incorporates the Aviation and Tank Museum of Kubinka.

The aim of the excursion was to give students an insight and brief knowledge about what transpired behind the war front, weapons, vehicles, tankers and aircrafts that were used during the World War II. Students saw a lot of legendary machines of the XX century. 

 “I felt it would be a great opportunity to know more about the Great Patriotic War”, - admitted Koshadha Yasas Bimsara, student of the Aircraft Engineering program. 

Indeed, students were overwhelmed getting to see the tankers that countries like the Soviet Union, Great Britain, Germany and France used during the war. Students were taken through one of the support units that supplied the soldiers’ food, labour in all various aspects that were needed in the front, amazingly the shelters were made from timber.

“Its a breath taking moment, especially getting to spend the vacation holidays while being acquainted with such information ahead of the upcoming Victory day,” - said Goodhope Tafataona Chigunduru, student of the Aircraft Engineering program. 

“Being a professional engineer, I could see the technology advancements of the working models at display during war which laid the foundation of today's technology. I believe it is in our duty as young inventors to see how the technology is used for betterment and
protection of the world", - said Vamsikrishna Undavalli, potential postgraduate student of Propulsion Engineering program. 

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