Student Cultural Center Held a Meeting with Students

16 April 2019

Student Cultural Center Held a Meeting with Students

At the beginning of April at the Student Cultural Center (SCC) the first meeting between the new governance of the SCC and the leadership of MAI international students was held.

Various issues were discussed on the agenda, from creative ideas and native celebrations of each country, represented at MAI, to major university events.

The Student Cultural Center offers students space for celebrations, sports, dances and creative workshops. It also works as a coworking center every working day from 3 till 8 p.m. There you can watch football broadcasts, play board games, sing karaoke, etc. 

“One of the main tasks for us is to develop extracurricular activities of international students, encourage their participation in sports events and in the life of the university as a whole. We respect their cultural traditions and are happy to help in organizing national holidays. The Student Cultural Center is designed to solve the problems of student leisure. This is a space where students can realize their creative potential and spend time with their friends,” - said Elena Baranova, Head of the International Students’ Educational Center (ISEC).

All additional information about the opportunities of the SCC you could find out at the ISEC. If you would like to organize a closed event, please, apply two weeks before the event to the ISEC (Main Administrative Building, room 324).


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