Expert of MAI Commented on the Creation of the Spacecraft "Venera-D"

14 March 2019

Expert of MAI Commented on the Creation of the Spacecraft "Venera-D"

The spacecraft "Venera-D" can be created in five to six years in the case of obtaining real funding. This was reported on March 12, to TASS by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor at the Institute № 6 “Aerospace”of MAI, one of the developers of the Venera-D project Viktor Vorontsov.

“The normal life cycle of creating a product of such a project is from five to six years. When the program of creation of venerean apparatuses took place in the 70s-80s, we had an interval between launches in two or three years. Each apparatus was created within two to three years, ” - noted Vorontsov.

According to him, the creation time will depend on funding, since its lack can lead to a project delay of up to 10 years or more. As Vorontsov clarified, the project is now at the stage of completing the pre-sketch design, after which the technical proposal stage will begin.

The year 2026 is considered as a guideline for the launch of the Venera-D. “At first we talked about 2026 as a guideline, but, given the delay in the time of incorporation into the federal program, 2028 and 2031 are considered as reserve dates,” - Vorontsov explained.

Venera-D is a proposed Russian space mission to Venus that would include an orbiter and a lander to be launched. The orbiter's prime objective is to perform radar remote-sensing observations with the use of a powerful radar. A lander, based on the Venera design, is also planned, capable of operating for a long duration (24 h) on the planet's surface.


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