MAI Students Honored the Memory of Yuri Gagarin

12 March 2019

March 9 is the birthday of Yuri Gagarin, who this year would have turned 85 years old. MAI students celebrated this important date for the Russian cosmonautics in the city of Gagarin, Smolensk Oblast.

The city of Gagarin is a cult place for all those associated with space and aviation. During the excursion, students of MAI visited the Museum of the First Flight and the United Memorial Museum of Yuri Gagarin, where they learned about the emergence of astronautics, saw unique exhibits, got acquainted with living conditions of the first man in space and realized that nothing can prevent to become great, even the birth in such a small town like Gagarin. 

The goal of the visit was not only to get acquainted with the sights, but also to develop intercultural communication between Russian and international students of MAI, which they successfully achieved.

"As an Aerospace Engineer I had availed an opportunity to have insights of first space flight and quest for the human space exploration, and visualize the Gagarin dedication and unwavering goals above all the hurdles he had. I can make relevance to myself. At same time it had given me opportunity to understand much deeper the Russian culture and provided me a space to interact with many more Russian speaking friends. It was great time, I await for much more of such events," - said Vamsi Krishna Undavalli, first-year student of Pre-university program of MAI. 

Photo credit: MAI MEDIA 

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