Lecture “Commercial Use of Space” by American Scientist was held in MAI

On March 6, 2019, a lecture on the topic “Commercial Use of Space” by world-famous scientist in the field of space policy and law, professor of the University of Houston (USA) Arthur Dula was held at MAI.

Arthur Dula is a patent attorney and his legal practice is in the area of aerospace intellectual property law. He is a faculty member, an adjunct professor at the University of Houston law center, where he has taught aerospace law and policy for many years. He helped to start the International Space Univeristy. American professor actively promotes the theme of space exploration and habitation, and gives reports and lectures in the USA, Europe, China, Japan and many other countries. Also, Arthur Dula is a lifelong admirer of the largest science fiction writer Robert Anson Heinlein, and subsequently manages Mr. Heinlein’s literary estate.

“Professor Arthur Dula is well known at MAI, especially at the Institute № 6 "Aerospace". This is not his first speech at our university. He lectured for students, graduates and teachers at least 4 times between 2016 and 2018. It has always been analytical, interesting, informative and with vivid presentations, mostly dedicated to analysis of the state, history and forecast of the cosmonautics development in the world and commercial use of the achievements of rocket and space technology,”- explains professor Oleg Alifanov, Doctor of technical sciences, Head of the department 601 "Space Systems and Rocket Science".

This time the lecture hall was full of English and Russian-speaking students of MAI. After the lecture, students asked Arthur Dula a lot of questions for about an hour. “I kindly request you to ask me even the most ridiculous questions, because ridiculous questions need difficult answers,” - Dula said before starting. At the end of the lecture, students came out with a twinkle in their eyes and smiled.

“Such lectures give a picture of the real state of affairs in the space industry. Professor Dula talks about the most relevant things in the field of space, including the events of last week. His lecture on the commercial use of space is a bridge over which we, young engineers, can reach the realization of our ideas into something working and needed in orbit and in the sky, with maximum benefit for ourselves,” - shared his impressions Ivan Rudoy, Junior Researcher of the Institute № 6 "Aerospace".

In the future, Arthur Dula plans to become a visiting professor at the Institute № 6 "Aerospace". If you are interested in research works of professor Arthur Dula, we offer to get acquainted with the presentation from the lecture “Commercial Use of Space” and his scientific publications:


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