MAI Launches Joined Master’s Degree Programs with Zhejiang University

21 February 2019

On February 20, 2019, delegation of Zhejiang University paid an official visit to MAI, the result of which was an agreement to create a Joint Master's in the areas of Aircraft Engineering, Propulsion Engineering and Spacecraft Engineering. 

Since 2017 MAI has been cooperating with Zhejiang University, one of the leading Chinese university (fourth in the National University Ranking). In 2018, partner universities opened a joint undergraduate program in Aircraft Engineering, through which 10 students from Zhejiang University got enrolled.

The objective of current meeting was to increase the diversification of joint educational programs between two universities. After the tour of MAI scientific laboratories, the parties came to the negotiating table. The Zhejiang University delegation was headed by Chen Zichen, Vice Chair of the University Council, and the MAI delegation was headed by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dmitry Kozorez. Both universities were also represented by the leadership of faculties and Directorate of Advanced Scientific Programs from MAI side. 

As a result of the negotiations, the parties came to the following decisions: to establish three joint Master’s degree programs in Aircraft Engineering, Propulsion Engineering and Spacecraft Engineering; to develop further cooperation to create a joint Research Center based at Zhejiang University; to consider the opportunity of Professor exchange.

Together, all these solutions form a unique platform, integrated in the concept of a joint Research Center. Students who study at the double degree undergraduate and graduate programs will also be able to take part in various R&D projects of the Research Center, as well as MAI scientists and teaching staff.

Directorate of Advanced Scientific Programs, Pr-department

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