App to Keep Track of Expenses at the Meetings from MAI Students

11 February 2019

App to Keep Track of Expenses at the Meetings from MAI Students

From January 26 to 27, 2019, in Agile Home, one of the largest offices of PJSC Sberbank, a Hackathon for Java beginners took place. The team of the IT Center of Moscow Aviation Institute participated in the competition. The MAI team consisted of students from Institute No. 3 “Control Systems, Informatics and Power Engineering” and Faculty No. 8 "Information Technology and Applied Mathematics". In total, over 100 students and university graduates took part in the Hackathon.

MAI team brought their financial project called Capina to the court of experts. According to the developers, the application can be used for cost-sharing during a visit to cafes or restaurants. The user creates a virtual "room" in which he invites his friends. All participants indicate the amount of money spent, and at the end of the meeting each member of the company receives a notification with the total expenditure of money, as well as information about who owes to whom and how much.

The idea is implemented as a mobile application for Android OS. The project of MAI students got into the top 2 of Hackathon by the criteria of evaluating the code, ideas and presentations. The professional jury highly appreciated the code invented by MAI team.

 All MAI students, who participated in the Hakathon, according to the results of the competition received a job offer from PJSC Sberbank. Note that the company "Sberbank Technologies" is one of the partners of the new IT Master's degree programs of MAI.

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