MAI Won the QS WOWNEWS Award

1 February 2019

MAI Won the QS WOWNEWS Award

MAI won the QS WOWNEWS Award in the category “Top Contributors” and topped the list of university winners.

QS WOWNEWS is online platform for universities to publish the latest education news from around the world, organized by QS Asia. In January 2019, QS WOWNEWS launched the contest in two categories “Top Contributors” and “Top Articles”. Along with other universities, MAI took part in the competition. At the end of each month, the top 3 universities that have contributed the most number of articles to the website or have received the most number of views are identified.

The winners for January in the nomination “Top Contributor” award were three higher educational institutions and the first place went to MAI. 7 articles of the university were published at the QS WOWNEWS website. Among the themes were: achievements of MAI students and scientists, development of international cooperation and joint research projects.

In addition to QS WOWNEWS online, MAI has been published in the QS WOWNEWS print edition since 2015. It is a quarterly newsletter that features universities’ academic achievements, experiences and developments that are extraordinary, outstanding and unique. 

MAI actively interacts with QS WOWNEWS and, as the university is constantly evolving, provides world community the most recent news about its development, science projects and success stories. And this is what we plan to do further.


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