MAI Proposed a Scheme for a Hypersonic Water Engine

24 January 2019

MAI Proposed a Scheme for a Hypersonic Water Engine
A diagram of the hypersonic engine on water was developed at the branch "Vzlet" of Moscow Aviation Institute. The concept is given in the thesis of the report, which will be presented at the Academic Readings on Cosmonautics (January 29 - February 1, 2019).

The report describes such a phenomenon for air-jet engines as hyperformat, obtained at supersonic and hypersonic flight speeds due to the supply of water at the inlet to the engine. Moreover, water not only improves the performance of the motor but also protects against overheating.

“Hyperformed ramjet engines make it possible to develop flight speeds up to numbers M = 8 <...> The maximum flight speed is determined by the amount of water on board of the aircraft,” - stated in the report.

Hyper-accelerated water engines, in particular, are proposed to be used in the framework of an aviation rocket-space system. An aircraft with water on board will lift a space rocket to a height of about 40 km and accelerate to seven speeds of sound, which will make it possible not to use the first stage on a rocket and increase the power of the second stage to increase its payload. 

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