MAI scientists developed a promising fuel system for helicopters

18 January 2019

MAI scientists developed a promising fuel system for helicopters

The modern trend to increase competitiveness in the global market requires not only to keep abreast of new technologies but also to act strategically and be proactive. Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) is the centre of competence in the high-tech industry of the Russian Federation, the scientific center and the leading university for the training of aerospace personnel. And it is constantly moving forward, guided by such ideologies. 

One such project implemented at MAI in the past year was research and development work on the design of modern onboard systems and, in particular, promising crash-resistant fuel systems for helicopters. A feature of this project is to obtain a positive experience in the use of additive manufacturing and functional design in the manufacture of a flame-arrester cartridge. 

Works on this project were carried out jointly by Laboratory No. 5 of the Department 101 of the Faculty “Aircraft Engineering”, by the Institute “General Engineering Training” and by the “Additive Solutions” company, a Russian manufacturer of industrial 3D printers. 

All work on the creation of the geometric appearance of the system was implemented in Laboratory No. 5 of the MAI Department 101. Specialists of the Institute “General Engineering Training” of MAI carried out technological training and developed software to create a program’s product that controls the process of 3D printing. A promising fuel system was produced on a domestic D250 installation, created by “Additive Solutions”. 

The implementation of this project allowed the participants to gain experience of successful cooperation and the application of advanced competencies of Russian engineers, implemented entirely on domestic equipment. All this together meets the advanced requirements of digitalization of production.


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