"I Love You, China" and "Katyusha": students of MAI-SJTU Program showed their talents

12 December 2018

"I Love You, China" and "Katyusha": students of MAI-SJTU Program showed their talents

On December 9,2018, students of MAI - SJTU Dual Master’s Degree Program gathered at the Huo Yingdong Sports Center in Shanghai to participate in the annual "12-9” Singing Competition. More than four thousand students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University took part in the event.

The School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Chorus consists of 29 Chinese students and 24 Russian students from the second intake of SJTU-MAI Dual Master’s Degree Program. In the midst of busy and intense study, they took the initiative to rehearse in their spare time, in order to take part in the contest and bring the most exciting performance to everyone in the evening.

Singing competition of this year was unprecedented fierce. MAI-SJTU Chorus appeared as the finale team and performed with the two classic songs "I Love You, China" and "Katyusha", that showed the spirit of unity between Russia and China.

Although coming from different places and having different languages ​​and cultures, Chinese and Russian students have a deep attachment to the land of China. "I Love You China" is such a classic Chinese song. The Lark flies from the blue sky. The light and high-spirited notes express the students' deep love to the motherland. The famous Russian song "Katyusha" uses beautiful music to describe the love in the hearts of people in the war. MAI – SJTU students won the most outstanding award.

The joint institute between Moscow Aviation Institute and Shanghai Jiao Tong University was launched in 2017 and is not confined only to Master’s degree program. In 2018, the First intake of joint Bachelor’s degree program between two universities was initiated.

Jessica Liu

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