Radio Electronics & Communications Systems


Form of attendance:
Duration by degree:
2 years Master
Tuition fees:
RUB 440 000 per year
Fields of training:

An interdisciplinary exam in accordance with the corresponding bachelor's program


The program raises specialists capable of creating and implementing next-generation technologies for the aerospace, radioelectronic, IT, and other sectors of the economy, ensuring their technological superiority in global competition.

Key features

Students of the Radio Electronics & Communications Systems program learn the key features of developing and coordinating technical tasks for the design of specifications, programs, and test methods for radar and radio navigation devices and systems. Professionals in the field of radar and radio navigation mentor students throughout the entire perod of studies.

Principal subjects

  • Onboard radar systems
  • Laser and optical systems
  • Applied programming problems
  • Software development technologies
  • Weaknesses of web applications
  • Radio navigation systems and complexes
  • Electromagnetic imaging
  • Micro- and nanotechnology

Career opportunities

  • Comprehensive knowledge, experience, and practical skills provide students with extensive career opportunities and allow to work at information security companies, developers of radioelectronic devices, units, assemblies, and systems for various purposes. The program is universal and comrehensive, allowing the graduates to find a job in any sector of the economy.

Head of the program


Vladimir Kirdyashkin

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of School No. 4: Radio Electronics, Infocommunications, and Information Security

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