Educational program
Spacecraft Engineering

Basic information

Form of attendance Full-time
Duration 4 years (Bachelor’s Degree)
5 years (Specialist’s Degree)
Language Tuition fees


4400 USD per year

Entrance tests Entrance examination in Maths and Physics/IT/Geography Video review of Math entrance exam   YouTube Video review of Physics entrance exam   YouTube Video review of IT entrance exam   YouTube
Head of the SchoolTushavina OlgaCandidate of Technical SciencesHead of the School № 6 "Aerospace"

Bachelor's Degree Program

The students acquire competences to develop and create highly efficient and reliable aerospace equipment that operate in various conditions. Also they study modern scientific approaches, information and communication technologies. One of the best aerospace schools gives great knowledge and experience in spacecraft engineering.

Key features

The students are trained in design, manufacturing, testing and operation of modern and advanced models of rocket and space equipment. They also study computer modeling and design of advanced rocket, develop software for control of aerospace vehicles and systems.

Principal Subjects

  • Spacecraft fundamentals
  • Spacecraft flight dynamics
  • Optimal structural design
  • Structural mechanics of aerospace vehicles
  • General ecology
  • Automation and control theory environmental safety management
  • Reliability and technical diagnostics of complex systems

Career opportunities

Our graduates are in demand at the labor market and work as:

  • Designer of aerospace equipment
  • Cosmonaut-researcher
  • Research engineer
  • Test engineer
  • Designer of biomedical systems in astronautics
  • Ecologist

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