Educational program
Radionics & Communication Systems

Basic information

Form of attendance Full-time
Duration 4 years
Language Tuition fees


4400 USD per year

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Head of the SchoolKirdyashkin VladimirCandidate of Technical SciencesHead of the School № 4 "Radio Electronics, Infocommunications and Information Security"

Bachelor's Degree Program

If you are interested in telecommunications, mobile, satellite and navigation systems, this program is definitely a right choice. MAI trains specialists in new communication systems and technologies. MAI gives students the deep knowledge, develops design mindset, foster hard and soft skills that are vital for the future industry leaders.

Key features

Students of the Radionics & Communication systems program learn the key features of methods for creating and using devices for transmitting, receiving and converting information. Participating in real projects and working in well-equipped scientific laboratories give them the great chance to build their career in the areas of wireless networks, mobile communications, radio electronics and others high-tech industries.

Principal Subjects

  • Basic theory of design and reliability of electronic devices
  • Manufacturing technology of radio-electronic systems
  • Engineering of radio control systems and satellite navigation
  • Computer systems engineering
  • Programming of microprocessors, microcontrollers
  • Basics of electrodynamics and radio wave propagation

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program gain profound knowledge, experience and practical skills that give them extensive career opportunities and allow to work as:

  • Designer of infocommunication systems and networks
  • Operations engineer for modern communication systems and infocommunications
  • Internet of things specialist
  • Designer of wireless communication systems
  • Design engineer of radio-electronic systems

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