Educational program
Mathematics & Computer Science

Basic information

Form of attendance Full-time
Duration 4 years
Language Tuition fees


4400 USD per year

Entrance tests Entrance examination in Maths and Physics/IT Video review of Math entrance exam   YouTube Video review of Physics entrance exam   YouTube Video review of IT entrance exam   YouTube
Head of the SchoolKrylov SergeyCandidate of Physical and Mathematical SciencesHead of the School № 8 "Information Technology and Applied Mathematics"

Bachelor's Degree Program

The world needs great specialists in mathematics and computer science in our century of digitalization. And MAI meets the modern requirements for training brilliant specialists who successfully work in the field of design and use of software for calculating, information, intelligent systems, as well as in application of mathematical methods and mathematical modeling. These experts are engaged not only in aviation and cosmonautics but also in economics, ecology, robotics and many others.

Key features

MAI has wide experience in mathematics and computer science. It has been gathering the knowledge and suggesting cutting-edge solutions for 91 years. That’s why joining us you will get the high-quality education and unique opportunity to study in modern computing community. The university laboratories have the newest equipment, computer classes and tech clusters. The university’s computers are set up with operating systems of the Windows, Linux and BSD families, modern programming systems, packages of applied and service programs. Also students participate in the scientific seminars, conferences and Olympiads during their studies.

Principal Subjects

  • Computer systems
  • Fundamental informatics
  • Discrete Mathematics and Cryptography
  • Computing networks and telecommunications
  • Databases and their design
  • Fundamental algorithms
  • Programming languages and methods

Career opportunities

Graduates of the school work in computing centers, experimental design bureaus and research institutes. Along with state and industry enterprises and institutions, graduates are invited to work in leading IT companies, banking and commercial structures that widely use information technologies. The future career prospects of students:

  • Architect of software and information systems
  • General system programmer
  • Developer of information and search systems, data warehouses, data bases and intelligent systems
  • Advanced systems and application programmer

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