Educational program
Aircraft Engineering

Basic information

Form of attendance Full-time
Duration 4 years (Bachelor’s Degree)
5 years (Specialist’s Degree)
Language Tuition fees


4400 USD per year

Entrance tests Entrance examination in Physics and Maths Video review of Math entrance exam   YouTube Video review of Physics entrance exam   YouTube
Examples Maths Physics
Head of the SchoolDolgov OlegDoctor of Technical SciencesHead of the School № 1 "Aircraft engineering"

Bachelor's Degree Program

Do you aspire to be a creator of airliners and unmanned aerial vehicles, discover new principles of flight mechanics and structural engineering? Then the field of aircraft engineering is exactly what you dream about.

Key features

Students of Aircraft Engineering School explore aircraft for various purposes, investigate the problems of aerodynamics and aircraft flight dynamics, do airworthiness aircraft testing, analyze effectiveness of aviation complexes, find promising design solutions. Quality control is based on general engineering training with a focus on the modern technologies in quality management. Practical skills play the key role in the specialists training. That is why we involve industry players into the educational process and ensure the practical touch.

Principal Subjects

  • Flight dynamics
  • Structural mechanics and aircraft durability
  • Aerohydrodynamics
  • Airframe design
  • Aviation equipment certification
  • Quality assurance fundamentals
  • Quality audit
  • IT in quality management

Career opportunities

Department graduates become top-requested engineers and specialists and works as:

  • Aircraft engineer
  • Designer of aircraft and its systems
  • Design engineer of aviation complexes
  • Specialist in quality and certification
  • Specialist in quality management system, standardization and certification
  • Flight Control Engineer

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