Control Systems & Computer Science in Engineering


Form of attendance:
Duration by degree:
2 years Master
Tuition fees:
RUB 480 000 per year
Fields of training:

An interdisciplinary examination in accordance with the bachelor's program 27.03.04


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Entrance exam

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Do you want to study automatic control engineering, sensor technologies, and robotics? To be a high-profile professional, a creator of modern avionics, electronic devices of any complexity, human-to-machine interfaces, or synthetic vision systems? Moscow Aviation Institute offers a unique educational program which provides deep knowledge and practical skills based on the most prominent achievements of the Russian high-tech industry.

Key features

Graduates of the program obtain profound knowledge, experience, and practical skills that give them extensive career opportunities: aerospace corporations, projects for the development of industrial control systems, mainframe systems manufacturing, grid computing, oil and gas companies, automakers, biomedical projects, and other fields of the high-tech industry where automatic control system engineering is applied.

Principal subjects

  • The program includes practical training on the design and manufacturing of modern IT systems. Special attention is paid to the specialized fields of mathematics applied in control systems engineering and electrical engineering for real-time operating devices. Students learn various techniques for the development of avionics, sensor devices, as well as computing and control units. The curriculum contains courses on all modern types of CAD software used in electrical engineering

Career opportunities

  • Aerospace corporations
  • Projects focused on industrial control systems, mainframe manufacturing, grid computing
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Automakers
  • Biomedical projects

Head of the program


Yuri Sledkov

Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor

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