Educational program
Aircraft Engineering

Basic information

Form of attendance Full-time
Duration 2 years
Language Tuition fees


6000 USD per year

Entrance tests Interdisciplinary exam, in accordance with a Bachelor's program 24.03.04 Video review of entry exam papers   YouTube
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Head of the program Alexander Efremov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Master's Degree Program

Do you aspire to be a creator of airliners and unmanned aerial vehicles, discover new principals of flight mechanics and structural engineering, be keen on management at all stages of aircraft lifecycle and become a professional aircraft designer? We prepared a master’s degree program for those who wish to be leaders in high-tech industry of the future.

Key features

The legendary Russian aircraft designer Dr. Mikhail Pogosyan, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, is the academic director of the program. Lectures and workshops are guided by high-profile professionals from principal Russian aircraft design bureaux such as Sukhoi, Mig, Ilyushin, Beriev, Tupolev. Students get acquainted with all types of airplanes designed in Russia that give them broad visioning skills.

Principal Subjects

We pursue a comprehensive approach to aircraft design engineering paying attention to features of manufacturing technologies and subsequent maintenance. Theoretical studies focus on aerodynamics and flight mechanics. The curriculum includes practical training on using CAD-software systems and courses on methods for prospective aircraft structures engineering. Students start work on their own research projects from the first term of the program.

Career opportunities

Deep knowledge, experience and practice skills received while studying allow the graduates of the program to join the principal corporations in aerospace industry and become leaders of the aircraft project team in the future.

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