Only birds can fly without MAI

    After graduating with flying colors in Zimbabwe, Busani Mangena decided to study at MAI to accomplish his dreams. This brilliant 21 year old Zimbabwean student completed the preparatory course organized by the Russian Ministry of Education, after which he entered the undergraduate program at MAI.

    Busani says he was inspired by the Russian first man to fly to space – Yuri Gagarin. He is also really fond of the Russian interceptors and fighter jets. Busani Mangena is a student from the faculty No. 1 “Aircraft Engineering”. Before coming to Russia, he was studying at the Air Zimbabwe Technical School where he won the merit award in being the best student in Flight Dynamics and Controls. His former instructor, who was a Russian graduate, was the man who inspired him and told him that Russia is the only place one can fulfill his/her dream in aircraft design, technological advancements and spacecraft engineering. Filled with zeal and passion, Busani has managed to pass his first year modules with nothing but distinctions.

    During the period between 2010-2015, the Zimbabwean Board of Aircraft Engineers was making tireless efforts to establish a degree program in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Zimbabwe which became a success in 2016. As the young prodigy, Busani is very keen to go back home and become the backbone of this newly launched program with the knowledge and expertise he will acquire after his Bachelors and Postgraduate studies at MAI. His home country has a positive attitude towards Russia and each and every year they send quite a number of students to learn in various specialties across Russia.

    Apart from his studies, Busani Mangena is engaged in the MAI Cultural Centre for International Students and has been recently elected to be students’ Ambassador. This has emerged as a big opportunity for him and he is making an impact in inspiring students to study at Moscow Aviation Institute.

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