Hwarang which aspired to reach the sky

    Yoo Minjae was born in 1990 in Seoul, the capital of Korea. The 90s was the era when almost every month Russian Federation launched satellites to Earth orbit and toward other planets of the Solar system. Korean media paid o lot of attention to each of these events because the significant geopolitical rule which the Soviet Union played in the Pacific Rim. Since the early childhood, Yoo has learned about Russian space program, Russian fighter jets, and Russian aircraft designers.

    The Koreans kept a stereotypical image of Russia as a nuclear-armed country with dominant space control but young Yoo was sure that the ascendance of Russian power was based on the brilliant heritage of Russian science that had a great impact on the world’s progress.

    Yoo was really charmed of about our country and still being at school searched for a way to get the education in Russia, he dreamed of becoming an aviation engineer. He had looked through numerous websites, catalogs, and references until he found information about Moscow Aviation Institute and realized that this is the place he had dreamed to enter.

    In order to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute, he studied Russian in the scope of one-year pre-university language program organized by MAI. In this course, foreigners could study about Russian, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. He assessed the course as was very systematic and he heard that it was highly ranked among the language courses provided by Russian universities.

    Finally, he was admitted to Russian-medium undergraduate program «Control System Engineering» provided by the Department № 301. His story would have been ordinary if, after the second course, he had not received a call to serve in the Korean army.

    It was like a thunder amidst clear sky but he must return to his country and do the service. In South Korea, all men have the duty of two-year military service. The Army tried to make him a soldier but Yoo кept fidelity to his dream — to become a professional in the aviation industry. He served well and received an invitation to enter Defense Academy but he had no doubt and returned to our university for fulfilling his aspirations.

    Now he studies hard, likes to play soccer with his friend from over the world that gathered at Moscow Aviation institute dreaming of the conquer of aerospace and being sure that ultimate quality of Russian education will give them the advantage for the career in any field of the high-tech industry.

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