You Can't Fly Blind: Engineering Lover from Uganda

    You Can't Fly Blind: Engineering Lover from Uganda

    Isaac Wanderemah is 20 years old, he came from Uganda and studies at the Pre-University foundation program of MAI (Russian medium) with majors Maths and Physics. His goal is to enter Bachelor’s program in Aircraft Engineering and become an engineer. 

    “My uncle is a soldier in the Ugandan Air Force who had some engineering training. I used to be his apprentice whenever he came to visit and repair some of our appliances. I always wondered how things worked, my passion for engineering started to develop. When I was a child, I wanted to become a pilot. But my uncle tamed me into liking engineering, I fell in love with it and passion for aeronautical sciences grew in me”, - said Isaac.      

    Mr. Wanderemah is not the first child in his family who decided to study abroad. His elder sister also studies in Russia, but another speciality - Medicine. 

    “Back in my home country, I was studying at a bachelor’s degree program in electrical engineering at Makerere University Kampala, just for one year. There I met a professor who studied in Russia, and he advised me to do the same if I am interested in fundamental knowledge of aviation engineering”. 

    Isaac came for the first time in Russia to study at MAI. He found the scholarship program given by Russian Federation to international students in his country, applied and succeeded.

    “Coming to Russia was my personal choice because I was offered many places, for example, in Samara and other universities, but I wanted to study in Moscow, hence MAI won my heart. Before coming here, I made sure that I did all the necessary research about MAI, so that I would be on top of the game when I got to Moscow.  It is very interesting for me to be here,” - said Isaac. 

    During his study Isaac found out that MAI has a Drone School. He and his friends Mario Mira from El Salvador (also student of MAI) contacted with the founders of the School and received the warmest response: they were shown an educational laboratory, technics and developments. Isaac and his friend became the first international students to join MAI Drone School. 

    “When I joined the drone school, it just intensified my love to aerospace because in some way I felt like I was already achieving my piloting and engineering goals,” - admitted Isaac. 

    But it is not always easy to get used to a new environment. 

    “It may be surprising, but I am OK with the weather conditions in Russia, even after hot seasons in my homeland. There is a clear demarcation of seasons here and each season poses something new to the people. One of the challenging things for me was the language barrier. But thanks to the preparatory course, I know Russian well enough now, it makes my stay here great. Besides, I make new friend here, learn a lot of cultures. It is useful experience,” - said Isaac. 

    Isaac has taken part in many university activities. Besides drone training, he participated in II Interuniversity Aviahackathon, which brought together representatives of universities, airlines, airports, system integrators and IT companies on one site. He joined one of 29 student teams and during three days solving real business cases, using programming skills. He participated not only in scientific events, but also in the creative ones. Thus, he presented his country on Africa Day held in MAI in May: he read the poem by heart. 

    “The poem I read  was written by my high school friend who ventured into poetry during his vacations after completing high school. It was really meaningful for me,” - recalled Isaac.  

    You can doubt, but Isaac has free time. He likes watching TV shows like Friends, How I met your mother, and of course Game of Thrones. “My favourite characters were Arya and Jon Snow. Especially, Jon because of his nobility, he was just born to be a leader. I liked the fact that he just went into the forest at the end. It was very unexpected,” - Isaac commented on the ending of the legendary series. He also loves to watch some Russian movies. 

    Mr. Wanderemah also wants to continue playing lawn tennis and piano, snowboarding and improves his programming skills. And of course, to enter Aircraft Engineering program of MAI. 

    “You always need to prepare adequately before coming to a foreign country. You can't fly blind. You should be self motivated, see the goal in front you and follow it as hard as you can,” - Isaac shared his experiences.

    We do not know exactly what awaits us, but study and new useful experience will definitely bring us closer to the fulfillment of dreams and success. We wish you good luck, Isaac!

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