MAI general aerospace course

15-28 July
MAI general aerospace course

On 15-28 July 2024 Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) organizes summer school — general aerospace course. The course takes place in MAI campus in Moscow, Russia.

The program offers basic knowledge and skills in the space industry. It covers various aspects, from history to digital services, and includes studying spacecraft types, structures, functions, and aerospace program management. This wide understanding prepares participants for future challenges in this field and related industries.

Module 1: Introduction to Aerospace

  • Introduction to astronautics
  • History of the emergence of cosmonautics in the world and at MAI
  • Basics of space flight

Module 2: Types of spacecraft and the tasks they perform

  • Variety and types of space technology
  • Small spacecraft
  • CubeSat nanosatellites

Module 3: Spacecraft systems

  • Spacecraft systems part 1
  • Spacecraft systems part 2

Module 4: Digital services in the space industry

  • Space applications
  • Digital technologies in aerospace
  • Prospects and challenges of the space industry for 25 years

Module 5: Aerospace program management

  • Space product life cycle
  • Space program management

The program includes:

  • Education 
  • Accommodation
  • Support with visa and arrivals
  • Daily life support 
  • Cultural program

Language of the program is English.

Submission deadline: 15 June.

For participation in the summer school please contact


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