Tiny Whoop Student Drone Racing Cup

11 October 2019

Tiny Whoop Student Drone Racing Cup
On October 11, MAI Institute No. 2 “Aircraft, Rocket Engines and Power Plants” will hold a Drone Racing Cup in the Tiny Whoop class among students. The competition is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Moscow Aviation Institute.

For participants of the drone racing the illuminated track will be prepared, the elements of which will be the engines themselves! Visitors will be able to see the race both from the side and through the eyes of the pilots from the big screen. In the struggle for the cup and prizes, not only MAI students, but also students from other universities will compete.

We welcome you and your friends to this unique and adrenalin event!
Requirements for pilots: an extended student ID card (or graduate student certificate).
Detailed information and registration is on the event website.

The Drone Racing Cup will be held at Volokolamskoe sh. 4, in the lobby of Building 2B.

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