“Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics” Contest

19 November 2019

“Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics” Contest

On the eve of MAI 90th anniversary, the XI All-Russian Cross-Industry Youth Contest of Scientific and Technical Works and Projects “Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics” has been launched.

The contest "Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics" was first held in 2009. The competition was implemented as an independent scientific event, involving young scientists and specialists in aerospace and related high-tech industries. Since 2014, the competition has been included in the list of scientific events of the Aerospace Science Week, which is held by MAI in November. 

The competition is always held in two stages. The first stage is corresponding and serves as a selection for the final, which is held in the format of in-person presentations in nine main competitive areas. 

The contest is held in the following areas:

  • aviation systems
  • aircraft, rocket engines and power plants
  • control systems, computer science and electricity
  • information and telecommunication technologies of aviation, rocket and space systems
  • rocket and space systems
  • robotics and intelligent systems
  • mathematical methods in aerospace science and technology
  • new materials and production technologies in the field of aviation, rocket and space technology.
  • economics and management of aerospace enterprises.

Participation in the competition gives you the opportunity to:

  • receive diplomas, special prizes, certificates from sponsors, specialized departments and companies;
  • publish your work in VAK journals;
  • win a cash prize of up to 100 thousand rubles;
  • reach fast career advancement.

“Youth and the Future of Aviation and Cosmonautics” is an open competition for young people under 35 years old: scientists, specialists, graduates and students. Contest works could be both in Russian or English.

Participation in the contest is free.
Registration for the event is on the contest website
Application deadline is September 30, 2019.

Good luck!

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