“Horizon 2100” Contest

26 February 2019 — 31 March 2019

“Horizon 2100” Contest
“Horizon 2100”  is the International Youth Contest of scientific hypotheses and fantastic ideas, in which the youth of any countries, nationalities, ethnic groups and peoples presents their vision of the future in 2100 as a scientific article / study or science fiction, an essay.

The main goal of the project is to motivate thoughtful youth from different countries with an active lifestyle to “switch on” their intellect and carry out a creative search for scientific ideas, hypotheses, sci-fi ideas about the future. 

Who can participate?
Young people from any countries, all nationalities, ethnic groups and peoples aged from 16 
to 26 years old are invited to present their vision of the future in 2100, capable of: 

  • to conduct research and form scientific hypotheses in the field of forecasting the future of  the planet and humanity at the turn of 2100 and the prospects for the development of its various scenarios;
  • to generate a sci-fi idea of the distant future, fantasy events, phenomena and processes at the turn of the year 2100, describe them in a literary work and find a scientific, rather than topical, explanation for them. 
How can I participate?

1. Fill the application form in English or Russian
2. Write a scientific article / study or a science fiction work (story, essay) in which you present your general vision of our future in 2100 or choose a specific direction that you want to analyze more deeply (computers and internet, space, transport, society, agrocomplex, business, urban study, biology, etc.).
3. Send the application form and your story to the email: elena.baranova@mai.ru

The Deadline
Reception of scientific and creative works until March 31, 2019, inclusive.

The scientific and creative work of the participants will be assessed by experts and the International Jury. The winners who took the I, II, III places will be invited to Moscow at the International Youth Forum "Modeling Future: Horizon-2100". Announcement and awarding of the contest winners will be held from June 15 to July 15, 2019.

Recommendations for the design of scientific papers
Scientific papers - scientific articles - are provided as MS Word files in .doc or .docx formats. The volume of your work should be no less than 5000 and no more than 36,000 characters, including spaces, works of a larger volume are rejected. Your work may be in English or Russian. Illustrative materials in aggregate can be no more than 3 sheets of A4, when exceeding the volume of illustrative materials is recommended to put in a separate application. At the request of the author, materials are accepted in the form of including videos, animations, flash presentations, slideshows, infographics, any other genres and visualization formats of scientific work, the size of which cannot exceed 25 MB.

Good Luck!

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