Assembling Technology

Assembling Technology

The creation of a high-technological product is a large-scale and time-consuming process that requires a high level of accuracy and reliability. Therefore, investment in product automation is the main trend for manufacturers. However, it must be considered that robotics means the complex implementation of equipment from different manufacturers as well as the presence of new unique competencies necessary for mastering and developing domestic aircraft and spacecraft engineering.

Moscow Aviation Institute together with Rostec subsidiaries (Russian Helicopters, United Aircraft Corporation, Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), United Engine Corporation, Technodinamika Holding) create an experimental engineering centre – the Centre of Robotic Technologies. This organization will become a one-stop solution for customers when developing, testing and implementing robotics in various directions, along with when adapting ready-made technical decisions.

The Сentre will be a place of concentration of intellectual and research resources, the database for all kinds of technology will be also made there. Competency building will help minimize the lead-time and expenses on testing and implementing technologies in manufacturing.

Today, there are about 16 similar specialised centres around the world, however, such experience has not yet found a proper application in Russia. Engineering centres in our country have a narrow specialisation. In addition, they are disorganised and not focused on complex solutions.

MAI participation as a platform in this project is due to the fact that the university has unique, accumulated over many years, the results of intellectual activity, ability to forecast industry requirements, create breakthrough developments and train valuable personnel for necessary specialities.

Several robotics complexes will be created at once on the basis of the Centre at MAI. This will allow to test new technologies, create lists of requirements for customer complexes, involve designers and suppliers of technical solutions in joint work. The Centre will train specialists who will become the basis of human resources for development and implementation of technologies in industry enterprises. Meanwhile, it is planned that a significant part of the specialists will be MAI graduates.

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