The opening of new classrooms for students

31 October 2018

In October 2018,  new classrooms were opened at the Main Academic Building of MAI (GUK). The entire seventh floor was renovated to facilitate the needs of our students.

The new space area includes 5 classrooms, teacher’s room, co-working area and an office of the International Students’ Educational Center. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture and facilities, which are necessary during the educational process. Students have access to free Wi-Fi on the entire floor. 

At the co-working space, students can have a break in a comfortable environment, using food and coffee machines, do some homework in peace, chat with friends or just relax and read a book. Students can use a bookshelf with scientific journals in English and Chinese, fiction and non-fiction, they can exchange books or leave their literature for free access. 

Now the educational space is used by a part of students of English-medium and Master’s double degree programs. It is planned, from 2019, to increase the number of students studying in these new classrooms.


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