Joyful tradition: Malaysian freshmen were welcomed by their countrymen

29 October 2018

On October 28, 2018, a Malaysian freshman festival was held at the International Student Cultural Centre of MAI.

Every year, Malaysian students organise a special event where first-year students of MAI fr om Malaysia can meet their more experienced comrades and have fun with their countrymen. This year the event was arranged with the help of the Youth Policy Department of MAI and over 70 students attended the festival. Traditionally, Malaysian students of all courses and all educational directions prepare their own national dishes a day before the event. On the day of the event, students put on national Malaysian clothes and serve the tables with food.

The freshmen festival began with welcome speeches of the representative of Malaysian Embassy and headmen of MAI Malaysian community, after which students’ creative performances such as small theatrical productions, acoustic numbers, soul music, etc took place. The students had a chance to meet each other and communicate in an informal setting. 

“The festival was held in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. Such activities are definitely needed for our students. Cultural life is an integral part of the educational process. The student needs high-quality cultural leisure, therefore our main goal now is to create an environment wh ere all MAI students can communicate and spend their free time together. Let's hope that young people will continue to be so active, and we will support and help them in all their endeavours”, - noted Ilya Konstantinov, specialist of the Youth Policy Department.

In 2018 Malaysia traditionally entered the top 12 countries for MAI admission of international students.


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