Students of English-medium programs started their internship at VYMPEL

On October 8, 2018 students of the English-medium programs started the practical training at the JSC "State Machine Building Design Bureau "Vympel" named after I.I. Toropov" (Moscow). For the first time in the history of MAI, international students from all English-medium programs have an internship organized at the Russian industrial enterprise.

Design Bureau "Vympel" was founded in 1949. Its activity is dedicated to research and production of aviation and rocket equipment. The idea of the organization of internship for international students has come from the International Department of MAI. In January 2018, An Agreement on cooperation in the field of practical education with JSC “Vympel” was concluded. 

From June 13 to October 1, 2018, eighty international students of Russian-medium programs had successfully completed their practical training at “Vympel”, and now it is time for the students of English-medium programs to get benefit from such cooperation.

76 students of MAI from Malaysia, India, China, South Africa, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Egypt and other countries will have lectures and seminars for two weeks delivered by PhD professors, high-class engineers and designers of Russian aerospace industry. 

“At first we appreciate all experience that we have here. It is the first practical internship for us. I think that knowledge, that we will receive here, will be good for us, and will complement our theoretical skills”, - said Yusuf Anseri, a student of Propulsion Engineering program.

Introductory lecture and other specialized seminars for students are given by Ivan Polienko, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Head of the Training Center at “Vympel”. Teaching international students of MAI since June, he shared his observations on their academic achievements: “Students attentively listen to all information,that we give therm, and are generally well prepared in their field of study. They get good and excellent credits on their exams. I am satisfied with their knowledge gained.”

Students will receive a certificate of practice after the exam at the end of the internship.

Daria Vinogradova (PR-department)

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