Prospective Students From China Visited MAI

1 October 2018

50 schoolchildren from the school at University of Science and Technology Beijing paid a reference visit to Moscow Aviation Institute.

International students should know their opportunities for study abroad since school-days. For this purpose, heads of secondary schools organize visits to world recognized universities, so that prospective students can make a conscious choice of their future, getting clearly vision of all possible options.

MAI has wide experience in organizing familiarization meetings for international potential students, but Chinese pupils came for the first time. They attend the secondary school at University of Science Technology Beijing and visited Russia by invitation of the state general education institution “School Intellectual”. Most of the pupils consider MAI as a potential university for receiving higher education abroad.

Visitors from China was greeted by the Head of International Department Olga Pogosyan, who made a presentation about the university, told about educational programs and research, exchange and extracurricular opportunities for international students. During the meeting prospective students asked many questions about educational and admissions processes.

After the meeting Chinese pupils were guided through the training laboratory of the Institute №6 “Aerospace” with genuine samples of rocket and space technology and the training laboratory of Department №101 “Design and certification of aviation equipment” with real sized aircraft. The visitors saw by their own eyes Soviet lunar rover, the legendary R-7 rocket, the landing section of space vehicle “Soyuz”, Yak-40, MAI-890, Elf-D, Su-27, MiG-29, SU-25 and more than 200 full-scale units of Russian and foreign aircraft.

For the last years, MAI has been actively developing partnership with Chinese universities. In 2017 MAI partner with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Beihang University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Shenyang University founded and implemented programs of Master’s double degree diploma. MAI concluded partnership agreements with a number of Chinese universities and development of cooperation with Chinese educational institutions is tending to grow up.

Daria Vinogradova (PR-department)

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