It’s Magic: Scientists from Nottingham Impressed

12 February 2018

It’s Magic: Scientists from Nottingham Impressed

From January 29-30, Xu Zeyuan and David Daniel Gerada from The University of Nottingham visited Moscow Aviation Institute. British scientists presented their previous projects implemented successfully and talked about their plans for further scientific activity.

Konstantin Kovalev, the head of the department “Electric power systems, electromechanical and biotechnical systems” show the guests laboratories “Superconductor electric machines and devices”. “Electromechanical and static converters”.

Foreign scientists visited educational, research and manufacturing center “Biotechnical Systems” and R&D laboratory of Department №204.

Science fellows from Department №310 demonstrated the system for accessory blood flow built on using the superconductivity effects.

“It’s a magic,”– David Gerada and Xu Zeyuan claimed being impressed.

Irina Dyomochko, Department №310

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