MAI Rector's Best Wishes for the Upcoming New Year

25 December 2017

MAI Rector's Best Wishes for the Upcoming New Year
Dear colleagues!
A new 2018 year is coming!

In the outgoing year together we have achieved significant results. Our university increased a scope of research works by 1.5 times. We made a breakthrough in the all-Russian rankings of universities, having a tough stance on academic supremacy and fostering professionals for the high-tech industry.

We applied new approaches in the admission campaign, having got more competitive freshmen. Our students repeatedly became winners of professional and technical contests at national and world level.

Our successes confirm the correctness of the course we have chosen. We focus on making our studies more efficient for nurturing specialists who are to change the future doing cutting-edge research works.

In the New Year, I wish all of us to keep a fast rhythm of change, set new challenges, improve competence.
I wish you all the best in this coming new year!

Mikhail Pogosyan, Rector

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