MAI rugby team are the champions

16 March 2017

MAI rugby team are the champions

Moscow Aviation Institute rugby team has won the Moscow Winter Championship, crushing last year’s champions from Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) with a devastating score of 30:0.

The intrigue of the upcoming game was that on February 17 the MAI rugby team was acknowledged by the Moscow Rugby Federation as the best student team of the city in 2016. The RUDN team didn’t agree with that decision, so they got a chance to prove them wrong on the field. That isn’t surprising, though, as the MAI, RUDN and MEPhI teams traditionally compete for the Champion of Moscow title.

– The game took place at the Nauka stadium in very tough conditions, - says the MAI team coach, Mr. Vitaliy Chromenkov. – Just imagine this – a mash of snow, ice and water! But our team dominated the field almost from the start – in the seventh minute the boys brought the ball into the scoring zone of the RUDN team. Their players almost never went into our half of the field, while playing very well in defense.

Another MAI rugby team, made up of our international students from Malaysia, is now intensively preparing for the Games of the Festival of Malaysian students studying in Russia. The chances for MAI to have yet another champion are rather high, considering that this team won the National Research University of Electronic Technology Cup this autumn.
Daria Khlyakina

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