MAI Postgraduate Student Became a Champion of Europe in Aeromodelling

9 September 2019

From August 23 to 30, the European Championship in aeromodelling in the class of rockets was held in the Romanian city of Buzau. A postgraduate student of Moscow Aviation Institute, a teaching staff member of Department 204 “Aerospace Heat Engineering”, Alexey Yezhov took part in these competitions as part of the Russian national team. As a result of a complex and lengthy struggle, Alexey became the European champion and two-time silver medalist in aircraft modeling in the class of rocket models!

Athletes from 20 countries took part in the competitions, the total number of participants was about 300 people. Alexey showed the best results in the most difficult discipline - the class of radio-controlled rocket-planes for the duration of flight and landing accuracy. He also won silver medals in no less difficult disciplines: the flight height of a sports model, the flight height of a ММР-06М rocket model.

Aleksey is the Head of the Russian aeromodelling team in the rocket model class. In total, athletes and juniors of the Russian team won 16 medals in the individual rounds and 13 medals in the team rounds, which amounted to 30% of the total number of trophies at the European Championship. Thus, Russia became the absolute leader in the medal standings at past competitions!

Department 204 “Aerospace Heat Engineering”

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