Tet: the Main Celebration for Vietnamese Students of MAI

6 February 2019

On February 4, 2019, Vietnamese students of MAI celebrated “Tet” - Vietnamese New Year, an ancient holiday on a lunar calendar, when the spring is begun. Tet is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture. Tet is generally celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year, except when the one-hour time difference between Vietnam and China results in new moon occurring on different days.

Vietnamese community was always big and solid in MAI. Vietnamese New Year is traditionally organized by International Department and Vietnamese association of fellow-countrymen of MAI. The celebration has been held for over 15 years.

“Such events are not simple to organize: it is necessary to take into account all wishes and observe, all the subtleties of intercultural communication. However, when you see sincere joy and happiness in the eyes of international students, you feel a sense of unity of nations, proud for our university”, - said Elena Baranova, Head of International Students’ Educational Center.

Over 120 Vietnamese students of MAI and their guests came to Student’s Cultural Center to celebrate the New Year. The special guest Olga Pogosian, Head of International Department, congratulated students with the New Year and wished them happiness and success.

The Tet celebration program was full of musical performances and entertainment activities: modern dances, solo and duet songs , New Year lottery, handing of traditional lucky money to children, games, disco dance, etc. But celebrants did not forget about study: the award ceremony of excellent students for the last educational year was held at the event. The New Year’s party ended with great fireworks.

“In MAI we celebrate the New Year not with the family, but with friends. The celebration here lasts only one night, in our homeland - the whole 3 days. In Vietnam, you can feel Tet everywhere: decorations on the street, the smell of New Year's food, and the weather - rain and coolness. Tet celebration in MAI was successful, it is very close to ours. Everyone had fun, sang, ate and congratulated each other, wished all the best to friends and guests. In addition, the participation of Russian guests is a chance for us to show them our culture and tradition. We most liked the warm atmosphere at the festival.” – expressed his opinion Doan Quy Hieu, the postgraduate student of Institute № 9 "General Engineering Training".

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