MAI Invites to Gagarin Science Conference

20 April 2018

MAI Invites to Gagarin Science Conference
From April 17–20, XLIV Gagarin Science Conference dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) is to be held at Moscow Aviation Institute. The programme of the conference includes English-medium session.

Foreign students, graduate students, and postgraduates under the age of 27 years (inclusively) are invited.

Subjects of the conference proceedings:

  • aviation systems;
  • aviation and rocket engines and power installations;
  • control systems, informatics and power engineering;
  • rocket and space systems;
  • information and telecommunication technology of aviation, rocket and space systems;
  • robotics, intelligent systems and aircraft armament;
  • mathematical methods in aerospace science and technology;
  • new materials and production technology in the field of aviation, rocket and space technology;
  • economics and management at enterprises of aerospace complexes.

For participation in XLIV Gagarin Science Conference, it is necessary to apply for participation and send abstracts before February 16, 2018.

The Organizing Committee contacts:
+7 499 158-00-27, Kovalyova Anastasia

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