Research laboratories and centers

  • Research Institute for Applied Mechanics and Electrodynamics;
  • Research Laboratory “Aerobatic displays and the system of Pilot-Aircraft”;
  • Research Center of specialized electronic systems and management;
  • Research Centre for new technologies;
  • Scientific and Manufacturing Complex of computer science;
  • Scientific and Manufacturing Complex of radar systems design;
  • Resource Center for research and innovation;
  • Resource Centre of aviation;
  • Resource Center for multiple access;
  • Resource Center of radiolocations;
  • Training Research and Manufacturing Center of advanced information technology and nanoscale electronics design;
  • Research and Educational Innovation Centre “New space technologies and ground-based high-tech processes”;
  • Project Design Center of aeronautical engineering technology;
  • Research Laboratory “Poisk”;
  • Special Design Office of experimental aircraft;
  • Design Office “Iskatel”;
  • Youth Design Office “Air car”;
  • Design Office 601 of the Aerospace Faculty.

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