MAI Rector at the Aurora Forum

14 October 2019 — 21 October 2019

MAI Rector at the Aurora Forum
The first Aurora International Forum will take place in Yerevan, Armenia on October 14-21, 2019. The Forum will bring together the world’s leading authorities on social, scientific-technological, educational, and humanitarian innovation, marking the first program of its kind in the region.

MAI Rector Mikhail Pogosyan will participate in the Forum as a Goodwill Ambassador and an expert in aerospace and education spheres .153 global leaders from the political, academic, entertainment, and business sectors have joined the Aurora Forum Goodwill Ambassadors. It is a diverse network of leaders who have a shared commitment to tackling some of the most pressing global challenges facing current and future generations. Spanning 39 countries, the Goodwill Ambassadors will come together at the Forum to find solutions to issues in sectors ranging between humanitarianism, health, technology, education, arts, and ecology.

The weeklong series of activities will provide an opportunity for thought leaders to compare best practices, lessons learned and, in some cases, disruptive thinking around issues ranging from infrastructure challenges to healthcare breakthroughs to women’s empowerment.

The sweeping week of events will include the fourth Aurora Prize Ceremony, the second Global Innovation Forum, an Educational Forum and series of open lectures to celebrate the fifth anniversary of United World College (UWC) Dilijan, and a set of roundtables and cultural activities. 

“The Aurora Forum is based on our belief that global Armenians and all global citizens who aspire to tackle the world’s most-pressing challenges, can do so by embracing the best in humanitarian, educational and technological practices to make lasting advances in social, cultural, and scientific spheres,” said Noubar Afeyan, Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative. “We hope that the Aurora Forum will engage international networks and also allow new linkages to be made for maximum impact.”

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