Digital UAV Forum

16 October 2019 — 20 October 2019

Digital UAV Forum
IT Center of Moscow Aviation Institute, in cooperation with the National Polytechnic University of Armenia and Ayb High School, holds an international forum on unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence.

Digital UAV Forum is an international research and practice forum with the issuance of a peer-reviewed collection of reports. The purpose of the forum is to popularize artificial intelligence (AI) and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies to solve practical problems of Armenia national economy. The forum is aimed at young professionals, academic students and high school students.

The forum is held in two phases:
  • correspondence: until September 25, 2019;
  • full-time: October 16 - 20, 2019.

In the framework of the forum will be held:
  1. Scientific and practical conference in the areas of:
  • UAV application by sectors of national economy
  • Use of AI in UAV complexes
  • UAV Technology for Entertainment
  • Technical and legal aspects of the UAVs use
   2. Hackathon on six thematic tracks with cases from leading IT companies and institutions:
  • Navigation and maps
  • City and environment
  • Rescue operations in hard-to-reach areas
  • Agriculture
  • Security zone monitoring
  • Photogrammetric data processing

  3. An exhibition of school design work - School EXPO + An open microphone, where project ideas will be evaluated.

  4. Unique Drone Show

Pupils, students and specialists from Russia and foreign countries are invited to participate!

The forum will be held at two venues in Yerevan:
Additional information:

Accommodation and travel of participants is paid independently. The forum organizing committee will offer affordable accommodation options in Yerevan for participants from other countries and cities. We are waiting for you at the forum!

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