Satellite Navigation Systems: scientists of MAI and Beihang University negotiated joint research

27 September 2018

On September 25-26, 2018 were held meetings between research groups of Beihang University and Moscow Aviation Institute. The main theme of negotiations was cooperation in the field of satellite navigation systems.

MAI and Beihang University concluded agreements on creation of joint Master’s double degree program. In September 2018 twenty-one students of Beihang University started their second year of Master’s degree program at MAI. The program is in high demand among students and the second intake  is already being recruited.

Delegation of Beihang University came to MAI with the goal to discuss the opportunities for sharing experiences in the creation and implementation of satellite navigation system and to outline guides for cooperation in this field. The Beihang University delegation consisted of professors and associate professors of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering, who are engaged in research of Chinese satellite navigation system BeiDou.

MAI delegation was represented by researchers and radio engineers of Department №402 “Radio systems and control, transfer of information and information security systems” (Institute №4 “Radio electronics, infocommunications and information security”).  The MAI delegation was leaded by Professor Roman Mazepa, Head of department №402, and Professor Dmitriy Sukharev, Deputy head of department №402 .  The scientists of the Department are engaged with the creation of GLONASS, space-based satellite navigation system operating in the radionavigation-satellite service.

The visit of Beihang University delegation lasted two days. On the first day Russian and Chinese scientists presented their departments, research possibilities and projects, held discussions dedicated to BeiDou and GLONASS navigation systems: the features of each satellite navigation system, their differences and similarities, stages of creation and implementation.

On the second day Anna Katkina, Advisor to MAI Rector, presented to Chinese colleagues international educational programs of MAI and the plans of their development.

The parties made provisional arrangements on the possibility for creating joint training manuals for students, lecturing, creating joint research groups and a roadmap for setting up a joint institute for young researchers and students.

“We hope to have collaboration with MAI in the field of navigation technologies and to cooperate in the two levels. First level –joint research in the area of BeiDou and GLONASS projects. Russian and Chinese governments have agreements in the field of satellite navigation , so we would like to push forward new cooperation on satellite-based augmentation system. Second level – a joint training program in the field of navigation systems. We hope to invite professors of MAI to teach our students in teaching centers”, - commented Jin Tian, associate professor of Beihang University.

Department №402 of MAI is engaged in the creation of GLONASS and research in the field of satellite navigation system since 1982. Now the delegation of MAI, headed by Alexander Pavalyaev, doctor of technical sciences and professor of Department №402, is visiting China as experts in the field of navigation systems. 

Daria Vinogradova (PR-department)

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