Pre-university training


Start dateOctober 2017
Duration1020 hours
LanguageEnglish / Russian
Cost$ 2500
Who is this course for
Foreign citizens who have not previously studied the Russian language


The program is designed for those foreign students who plan to study in MAI under the Russian Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and postgraduate programs to build their career in Russia and/or consider employment in a foreign company actively cooperating with Russia. The curriculum is aimed at forming colloquial, scientific and technical communication skills to communicate with native speakers.

The structure of the program

Russian language 780 hours
Mathematics 120 hours
Physics 120 hours
Final assessment exam

As a result of the program the student has to master the Russian language to the extent necessary for comprehending information from Russian sources and know the lexical minimum of 2300 educational lexical units of common and terminological character.

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