TASS on MAI designing 3D-printing preparation automation

28 February 2017

TASS on MAI designing 3D-printing preparation automation

A Moscow startup ATSS (Automation of additive manufacturing technological preparation) has developed a technology for production tasks automation in 3D-printing, which will allow to reduce the qualification requirements for production operators and increase the finished product quality. ATSS is a member of TechNet corporate track of GenerationS accelerator by RVC. NPO Saturn is the industry partner of the track, says TASS.

ATSS has in its core a complex for forecasting 3D-printing results. A virtual environment allows to sel ect equipment and printing modes that are optimally suited for the specific details, while modeling and eliminating errors.

ATSS received a 2-million-ruble grant fr om GenerationS’s development partner, Innovation Promotion Fund, within the StartGenS contest.

Project team leader, Andrey Ripetsky, noted: 'Our technology has its advantages – it allows us to quickly develop new products, save time and resources, reduce personnel qualification requirements, optimize manufacturing processes, increase printing quality, and minimize the risks of equipment damage”.

Today, due to the human factor at the stage of technological preparation of equipment, errors occur in 3% of the cases. In order to launch the printing process, a specialist has to manually prepare the equipment – he has to control geometrical pattern, check hardware compatibility, and make a number of other necessary actions and calculations. The ATSS software package combines printing preparation algorithms and control methods for each technological production stage. That allows to significantly reduce costs both at the stage of preparing an electronic model of the product and at the stage of preparing equipment control models.

“The project was born in Moscow Aviation Institute, we were accumulating experience with advanced industrial technology of additive manufacturing in solving knowledge-intensive tasks of hi-tech areas, which allowed us to form the concept that later became the foundation for our startup. We suppose that we could find our potential clients in hi-tech industry areas”, - comments Andrey Ripetsky.

ATSS can currently perform tasks such as technological preparation automation, temperature printing modes analysis, stress and strain analysis, automated calculation of molds, automatization of the processing chamber arrangement. The developers have already sold one license for the box version of the product for technological production preparation. In 2017, the team is planning to increase the number of box version sales, as well as to start providing services for solving applied tasks in the market of engineering services in the field of additive manufacturing.

According to research data of Wohlers Associates company, the total volume of the 3D-printing market today amounts to slightly less than $ 5 billion. By 2022, the market for metallic materials may grow up to $ 2.1 billion, the software marker – up t0 $ 540 million. The average annual growth rate given compound interest will be 28.5%. The ATSS team is planning to launch a new product into the engineering market, which will allow major hi-tech enterprises and industries to simplify the preparation process of 3D-printing equipment and to achieve high quality of products.
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